Add a faux ponytail to your last minute DIY Halloween Costume

I always wait to the last minute to prepare for Halloween. What about you? Instead of adding cat ears to a DIY Halloween Cat costume, I added synthetic hair I received in the mail from Hairdo. My hair styling skills are limited so I was impressed with myself for being able to pull this off. You can watch the entire Facebook Live chat makeup and hair tutorial on the link here, or watch the hair tutorial in the video below.

Here are some shots from the Facebook Live tutorial:

The first step requires locating the teeth comb and placing it under your hair tie.

hairdo synthetic hair

Lifestyle Expert Mercedes Sanchez hair tutorial 

hairdo long hair

Once the teeth comb is set in place, wrap the curl around the ponytail twice.

hair tutorial bechicmag

And clip it in place.

hair do long straight ponytail

And voila! It's that easy.

latina lifestyle expert mercedes sanchez

What do you think?

long hair dark lipstick