Makeup: Finding the Right Shade for Your Skin

Expert tips from Celebrity Makeup Artist Jackie Gomez By Mercedes Sanchez

When I first started wearing makeup (which was after college), I often bought the wrong color foundation. There were days I looked like a ghost. Then I experimented with bronzer and went too dark. I like to think that I finally got it down, but there are many women who need help with finding their perfect shade.

Meet Cynthia, Ayanna, and Anais. Three smart Latinas with different skin tones who seek the expertise of Celebrity Makeup Artist Jackie Gomez who's worked with Beyonce.

Here are their questions with Jackie's tips:


Cynthia, 26. Skin: Fair complexion

Q: I always have doubts when buying my foundation. Should I be looking for a lighter or darker shade? Light color eye shadows make me look pale and some dark colors are too much. What colors do you recommend for light tone complexions?

Jackie: Hi Cynthia. I  suggest you look for a foundation that is your match but always look for foundations with more of a yellow undertone-- stay away from pink. When it comes to eye shadows on a fair skin tone, look for light pearls with a iridescent effect. Also, look for earth tone hues meaning light browns, light golds. When applying eye shadow, start light and then build the color to your desired look. I recommend Tarte shades for you. They have colors that are perfect for a fair complexion.



Ayanna, 26. Skin: Brown complexion

Q. Although I love makeup, I've only recently started wearing blush. I am brown skinned and sometimes unsure about the blush tones that go with my complexion. How do I find the best blush for my tone?

Jackie: Ayanna, look for blushes that have a yellow or golden undertone like Nars Cosmetics. I recommend you wear colors that are peach gold or rose gold like Nars Exhibit A, Luster and Dolce Vita. They will brighten your complexion and make you look and feel gorgeous all day.



Anais, 26. Skin: Tanned complexion

Q. I don't like using foundation because it's hard to find a matching color, and it always makes my skin look thick and chalky. Is there a base I can apply to my skin that can serve as a moisturizer and make my skin look natural? I would love to find something that can give that natural shine/glow.

Jackie: Anais, I recommend one of my favorite tinted moisturizers. This product will even out your skin tone and give you a beautiful glow without making your skin feel thick, chalky or powdery. Try PrimeResults Tinted Moisturizer + SPF 15 Suncreen in golden beige. I guarantee you will love it too.


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