Giving Mascara a Break

I've been trying something new for the last month: No mascara! beauty blogger

Instead, I curl my lashes in the morning and carry the mascara in my purse just in case I get a call for an impromptu on-camera interview. I decided to give mascara a break because I started to notice at least one eyelash on the cotton ball after removing my eye makeup. Unless I have an important meeting or doing something on-camera, I think I'll be on a mascara-strike for a little while.

I'm saying 'no' to mascara, and 'yes' to my lash curler.

tarte eye curler

I bought this Tarte Eye Curler (pictured above) more than a year ago, but I just started using it. I like it because it makes my lashes look longer and fuller without having to use mascara.

But ... when I do wear mascara, I have a few favorites:

What about you? Do you wear mascara everyday? 

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