Feathered Nail Trend


Nail art By Mercedes Sanchez

nail art

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For the past couple of months, women have been sporting nail art. There are so many styles that come with a variety of accessories, decorations and feathers!

Feathered nails is a popular trend this summer because it's different and daring, and they're not so hard to do (if you're the arts and crafts kind of girl).

DIY Feathered Nails:

* First, paint each nail and then make sure they're completely dry.

* Apply top coat to nail

*Gently apply feather while top coat is wet

*Lightly pat the top of your feather all across the nail

* Apply another base of top coat on top of the feather

* Give it 10 - 15 minutes to dry

Tell me, would you try feathered nails?

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