Caviar, Sugar Coats, Fuzzy Coats - The Scoop on Fun Manicures

Nail Talk  By Camlyn Valdez

Ok, ladies, I've taken notice that we're not getting the regular, solid color manicure anymore. Everything is bigger, better, flashier, and textured. These fun manis are inexpensive and one of a kind, your nails will be the talk of day. Here fun and easy bits of inspiration for your next manicure!

Sally Hansen carries a variety of different textured and fun products for nails.

Sugar Coat- This yummy nail polish comes in 8 different colors. It has a matte finish with sweet sugary 3D effect.

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat


Fuzzy Coat- This is a fashion statement for your nails. It also comes in 8 different multicolors. Fuzzy coat will also have a 3D kind of feel, almost like a sweater, or a tweed blazer for your nails.

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat

Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips- These are stickers for  nails! There's no dry time and super easy to apply. They come in 32 different patterns, so you'll never have a boring manicure!

Sally Hansen Salon Effects


Sephora also carries textured, fun nail options. One of the newest crazes, Ciate velvet nails. It's a unique, luxurious feel, and it's only $20. Ciate also carries the Sugar Caviar Manicure set. This is candy for your nails; they come in fun summery colors and give your nails a gorgeous pop. $25

Ciate Caviar Nails

Here are some of my favorite manicures: