THE FACE BEHIND BIJOUX Delaila Catalino So wouldn't you like to know the brains behind the beauty chica who holds the key to the toolbox? Sure you do. Hi! My name is Delaila Catalino. For as long as I can remember I loved to experiment and try any new product. I would carry four lip glosses at a time- don't judge me- a girl needs to have choices! For those who have or will begin to have an obsession for the glitz and glam of powders, foundations and mascaras galore, this is your dose of Beauty Me This.

Beauty Me This You don't have to be famous to look like a star. Hey, since when was it a sin to steal your favorite celebs' glamorous looks and styles. Leave it to me to be your watch-eye. Bringing you the latest in beauty secrets, how-to's and your guide to some of the best products that will give you a bang for your buck. Beauty Me This is your exclusive pass to the show room. There's always something new and somebody's gotta try it. My weakness is make-up. From hundreds of lip glosses to tons of eye shadows with the cutest names like Sugar Me Pink, I have it all. Soon you will too. I'll show you how.

At the end I sign SimplyBijoux. Why? Well because "Bijou" is defined as a trinket; a jewel- and that I am. You, my beauties, are invited to become a dazzling gem yourself. I'm excited about our first look into the toolbox!

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