My latest favorite product comes from Ambi which is great for women of color By Bijoux

ambi_wash I was first introduced to Ambi products at Shecky's Beauty Night out. It was included in their gift bag, and I've been using the Ambi Even & Clear Exfoliating Face Wash ever since. It's like a moisturizing lotion that leaves your skin feeling so soft, while others strip your face off its natural oils leaving you dry and feeling tight. I was eager to find out about other Ambi products.

While stocking up on what's turned out to be my favorite face wash these days, I came across Ambi's Fade Cream which helps reduce the appearance of scars and spots caused by acne which can make skin tones look uneven. They come in your choice of Normal or Oily Skin. I also love that they're not expensive and are made for women of color. Due to darker hues, some women are more vulnerable to marks and discolorations. So Ambi takes that in to consideration to make nothing but the best products for Latina and African American women all over the world.

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