Pick of the week: Beauty Blender

This week's must-have By Bijoux newbeautybsWe have something in common with celebrities like Beyonce, P. Diddy and Alicia Silverstone: We love the Beauty Blender and you will too.

The pink sponge is by the far the most amazing beauty tool I have been introduced to. It really does deserve all the hype, and the cute packaging has been getting the attention of many. With her product, Rea Ann Silva shares the secret of how the beauty blender helps applying make-up so effortless.

Before actually using the egg shaped sponge, I took a look at a few tutorials. The lessons were well worth it. Moistening the egg causes it to expand and have a bounce effect when dabbed on the skin to give it a non-streak finish. The dampness allows the make-up to actually stay on the skin. I thought it would only work with creamy products, which I am not fond of. The blender is phenomenal and works with blush, bronzer and loose powder.

So why the egg shape? The cornered end makes it so much easier to apply concealer while the rounded edge helps blend make-up into the jaw line and cheeks with a barely there finish. Compared to my brushes which are my absolute favorites for applying make-up, the beauty blender was able to do so much more in less amount of time. The beauty blender should be a part of you make-up application process. You will not regret it. The sponge is re-washable. It comes with its very own cleansing soap and can be sent back to the company to be recycled - not bad for taking care of the earth and staying beautiful at the same time.

Beauty Blender. Available at Ricky's, Sephora or BeautyBlender.net $20- $35

Our editor met with celebrity make-up artist Jackie Gomez who also uses the Beauty Blender on celebs like Beyonce!