My mother discouraged applying mascara on a everyday basis. "It will make your eyelashes fall off," she continues to say today. And after countless mornings of waking up to racoon eyes, I wondered if I was the only woman who had trouble removing the black gunk. No cleanser wipe was strong enough to remove the mascara so I had to practice an annoying daily ritual: Grab five Q-tips, sink them into my liquid make-up remover and swab the residue away. And if you're one of the many women who doesn't take off her eye make-up before going to bed, you know that getting rid of eye make-up in the morning deducts five valuable minutes! After years of undergoing the same time-consuming method, I decided to abandon mascara all together and occasionally glamourize my eyes with fake and disposable eye lashes.

"Lashes are my best friend," says celebrity make-up artist Jackie Gomez. "Adding eyelashes makes all the difference in the world; it makes the eyes bigger and brighter." And when you want them off, you just pull them off.

Fake eye lashes range in cost and can be found in your local pharmacy or designer make-up store. "You can find a great pair of lashes that cost $2.00 or $14.00," says Gomez. "But the glue is key! I recommend the Duo glue or any one that is water resistant in black. I love the Ardell, Elite and MAC lashes."

I should mention that while holiday shopping I came across a powerful pack of make-up removal wipes by FACE. The soft facial cleansing cloth is saturated with FACE Fluid Makeup Remover and instantly gets rid off all make-up including mascara! *mercedes sanchez