After plotting what I would wear to a friend's birthday which always turns out to be a semi-college reunion, I decided it was about time I try the red lipstick craze that took over the pages of almost every beauty and fashion magazine last fall. Since I was wearing a red high-waisted, body hugging, knee-length skirt from Amercian Apparel I figured a touch of red lipstick would be all the make-up I'll need (after my bronzer of course). Yet, I didn't know where to start! I consulted with Rita- a Sephora employee- and explained how I didn't know where to start with my search for the perfect red lipstick. We tried an actual stick which didn't quite work out for my complexion, so Rita suggested I try a lip pencil from NARS instead. And what a difference! The crayola-like tool was smooth and easy to apply. Over the "Forbidden Red" I added a touch of MAC lip gloss which made my lips pop even more in a room with over a 100 people.

Many commented on the red lips. So if you want to be noticed with good taste, I recommend going for the red hue when the trend is out which lessens the chances of running into another woman with similar lips. *mercedes sanchez