Self-Acceptance. Not Self-Conscious.

By Mercedes Sanchez What started off as a conversation on Facebook, inspired me to write this brief blog post on self-esteem and self-acceptance. I like to think I'm confident, but the truth is I have a few insecurities. And when it comes to my body there are several things I'm self -conscious about :

1. My 'large' forehead 2. My  nose 3. Super small breasts 4. Skinny legs 5. And my not-so-flat stomach

Perhaps it was being teased in elementary school by the boys for having "chicken legs," or being called Blossom because of my "big" nose as a pre-teen or hearing my friends talk about bras and puberty in middle school that triggered some of those insecurities. Through the years, I've learned how to accept them all and realized they're just a part of what really makes me, me!

Join the conversation and tell us what you're self-conscious about and if you've learned how to embrace your "imperfections."

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