SHECKY'S BEAUTY NIGHT OUT speaks with Shecky's President Mercedes Sanchez We spent a night of pure beauty indulgence in the historic Puck  Building at Shecky's Beauty Night Out.  Shoppers waited for their chance to buy and sample products despite a line that started at the entrance and went around the block!

While browsing through Shecky’s award winning “Beauty At Its Best” brands and receiving goodies from different vendors,  women from all walks of life enjoyed unlimited complimentary cocktails from favorites like Madori and Skyy Infusions.

In addition to getting our very own goodie bag- worth a $125 value- we had the pleasure of speaking with Shecky's President Claudia Chan. Check out our exclusive one-on-one interview with the beauty expert herself below! - Simply Bijoux

If you missed Beauty Night Out, Shecky's Girls Night Out is only days away so register today.