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Simple Skincare's Makers  By Mercedes Sanchez

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We’re proud to announce another fun and informative year as ambassadors for Simple Skincare and reintroduce you to their MAKERS initiative- a digital platform celebrating compelling stories of inspiring women.

There are so many women with different professional backgrounds and nationalities, and they all have an intriguing reason for being identified as a ‘MAKER.’

I’m sure you all know Rita Moreno- the only Latina to have won a Grammy, an Emmy, an Oscar and a Tony! And although Moreno is a household name, the truth is, I haven’t seen her in the limelight for a while. I was surprised to see how great she looks at 80 (with a super chic haircut) and hear her personal commentary regarding her work with West Side Story. She also discusses some challenges she faced as a Latina actress in Hollywood.

She tells young women “to value themselves… you have to learn to appreciate yourself and your talent before you can go anywhere in your life.”

I encourage you take a couple of minutes to see this exclusive interview with Moreno as she speaks about immigrating to the US, breaking into Hollywood and defying stereotypes.

AOL and PBS, the filmmakers behind MAKERS and Simple, opened up the MAKERS initiative to a new group of public-nominated women – Next MAKERS - to show that every woman has what it takes to join the ranks of trailblazing women. Last summer, MAKERS and Simple had an open a call for entries for “Next MAKERS.” In November, the women were revealed and came to NYC to film their stories. You can watch the new videos here

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