You are what you eat

How your diet can determine the state of your skin By Mercedes Sanchez

bacon and eggs

A couple of days ago one of my readers asked me via Instagram how I keep my skin so clear. She's 25 and is breaking out for the first time in her life. I shared my skincare tips and a personal story.

When I was a producer at WNBC-TV, my skin was at its worst. I remember having one zit after another, and one particular month I had three at a time!

But it wasn't just that I had sensitive skin. The food I was eating was the cause of my adult acne. Almost every morning after the Today In New York program, I would go to the cafeteria and ask for fried eggs and bacon! It was no wonder that my skin was reacting strongly. Greasy, fried foods can impact not only your cholesterol but also your skin. So remember that you are what you eat, and take care of yourself if you want healthy and clear results.

I recommended that my reader first speak with a dermatologist. Then I told her to go for a soap-free cleanser, such as Simple Skincare's Moisturizing Facial Wash every morning, followed by a gentle moisturizer and SPF. And she should always remove makeup before bed. Simple has a great Eye Make-Up Remover that gently removes even waterproof makeup. That's how I cleared my skin, and of course, I also limited my fried egg and bacon intake.

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Tell us, what foods have you had to give up for the sake of health and/or beauty?


This post was created in connection with my appointment as an ambassador in the Simple Skincare Program. Visit to share your story on sensitive skin.