Personalized Skin Tips from a Dermatologist

What really affects your skin? By Mercedes Sanchez

simple skincare The best thing I ever did for my skin was meet with a dermatologist a few years ago, but I'm here to tell you about another great tool - the Simple Skin Health Consultation from Simple Skincare.

If you're curious to see what really has an effect on your skin, take this quiz here to get your own personalized tips!. Dr. Jennifer Segal, a dermatologist for Simple Skincare, provides great advice. I did, and here's the virtual feedback I received from Dr. Segal regarding irritation from facial skincare products and breakouts from stress and oily foods.

Your diet and your skin

It's time for you to start looking at ways to improve your diet if you want to maximize your skin's potential. It's not all about sacrifice; a healthy diet can be delicious, so start with a few tweaks here and there to help improve your inner and outer health. Try to avoid processed foods, frozen dinners and take-out if you can, and introduce at least five portions of fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds to your diet every day. It's easy if you just think of adding in goodness wherever you can. You can try chopping some apple or sprinkling some nuts on a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast; making a fresh smoothie with banana, berries and yogurt, having a large salad with your dinner or some dried fruit and nuts as a snack. All these little things add up, and before you know it, you've had the recommended amount of fruits and veggies. You can do this gradually - and you'll soon notice a difference in the way you look and feel.


You said that your skin has become irritated after using a facial product. Some skin care products contain ingredients that can be irritating. Avoid washing with harsh cleansing products. Harsh cleansing ingredients like soap will strip moisture from the skin and cause dryness. A mild cleansing product, like a sensitive skin face wash, is a better alternative for skin prone to dryness and irritation.

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This post was created in connection with my appointment as an ambassador in the Simple Skincare Program. Visit to share your story on sensitive skin.