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Wavy hair By Mercedes Sanchez

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After spending the day on Nikki Beach in Miami, I walked over to Rocco Donna Salon. It was literally a two-minute walk.

I met with Celebrity Hairstylist Leonardo Rocco who spoke to me about Suave's new Natural Infusion line.

For the wash and dry, his team used the All Day Body Shampoo & Conditioner which they say has natural ingredients such as seaweed and lotus blossom.

What I love most about the natural infusion line is that it's free from parabens and dyes. I'm always looking for products that state this on their packaging.

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Before starting the blow out, they applied the Leave-In Foam which is supposed to provide 24-hour body.

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With my hair, I only see lots of volume and soft curls if I leave the hair salon with curl pins. The volume and waves would usually last for about three days.

Because they straightened my hair before passing the curling iron, I didn't notice much volume- but the softness is definitely there. I will have to try the products again and air-dry to see how it works with my natural texture.

It hasn't weighed my hair down, and it's given me lots of shine and softness, so for those reasons, I recommend it.

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Have you tried Suave's Natural Infusion?

If you're ever in Miami, I recommend you stop by Rocco Donna. It's on 101 Ocean Drive and walking distance to great restaurants and lounges.

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I received a complimentary blow out and chose to review.