Summer Soiree Skincare

Summer Soiree Skincare By Mercedes Sanchez

smoothing facial scrub Skincare can be tricky during any season, but for someone with sensitive skin like me, it can be even more challenging during the summer. I have an entire routine I can't afford to skip before leaving the house on a hot summer day. If you're the type of person that needs extra time getting ready, I recommend you add an extra five minutes for a routine such as the following.

1. Preparation

The night before, exfoliate your skin with the Simple's Soothing Facial Scrub. This will remove all dead cells and help your skin look brighter the next day. This way you're already a step ahead, and your skin is refreshed.

2. 5-Minute Morning Routine

Start by washing your face with your favorite cleanser. Before adding sunscreen, I personally recommend you apply a gentle moisturizer that already includes SPF, like the Vital Vitamin Day Cream with SPF 15 from Simple Skincare. If you're just going to a BBQ or spending the day outdoors, your next step could be to just add your makeup (which should also have SPF).

However, if you're going to the beach, I encourage you to add sunscreen over your moisturizer. Some sunscreens leave my face dry and dull, and I shouldn't skip my moisturizer.

After a light moisturizer and sunscreen, I recommend applying a tinted moisturizer or BB cream if you insist on wearing makeup to your BBQ or the beach. Avoid a heavy liquid foundation especially if you have oily skin.

3. Before bed

These facial skincare products are a must this season, but don't you dare go to bed with them on. We want to prevent breakouts, not cause them. Use your cleanser to wash off the products you added that morning.

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