Blow Dry Magic with Celeb Hairstylist Ted Gibson

By Mercedes Sanchez I have a confession: I don't blow dry my own hair-- ever. It just doesn't turn out the way I like it. However, being self sufficient is a must for every smart Latina. Our hair comes in various structures from straight, wavy, curly, coarse to fine and thick and there's a solution for all of us.

I have medium thick hair, and it's hard for me to blow dry it on my own. That's why I met up with Celebrity Hairstylist Ted Gibson at his Park Avenue salon to seek much needed help! Gibson has styled many celebs and has been on Oprah, Real Housewives of D.C. and What Not to Wear.

Here are some do-it-yourself tips on getting your hair from sham to Hollywood glam. Watch our video below:

Hollywood Hair in 10 Minutes

1. Shine: For the girl on-the-go searching for a star look, Gibson recommends she starts by applying his Hair Sheet throughout the entire dry head. "It has UV protection which is essential for women during the summer," says Gibson. "It helps to fight frizz and it smells good; it has lavender oil. If you're a girl that doesn't shampoo every single day, it's perfect because it acts as a refresher too."

2. Preparation: After applying the Hair Sheet, move on to the blow dry. It's important to part your hair into different sections (1.5 inch and about about two inches wide).

3. Brushes and Nozzle: Gibson recommends the Y.S. Park Brush which has a combination of boar and nylon bristles. He says you should always use your nozzle when blow drying because it gives direct heat to your hair which results in smooth locks.

4. Technique: As you're blow drying, take your hair up as high as possible, making sure to get all the ends in, and then rotate all the way down and twist. Repeat throughout all sections and watch as it starts the wave factor in your blow dry.

5. Making it Hollywood: Add waves and natural looking curls by taking your sections and using a large barrell curling iron.

6. The Big Finish: Hold hair in place by adding a light spray such as Ted Gibson's Beautiful Hold Spray.

Watch as Ted gives us a demonstration:

I seem to wear my hair like this when it's not in any shape to be worn down:

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What's your signature hair 'do?

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