DIY Wedding Guest Hairstyle

mercedes sanchezThis weekend I went to a friend's wedding in New Jersey. I just moved and finding the time to buy a new outfit and get my hair done at the beauty parlor was a challenge. I decided to wear this black and yellow floral dress from H&M (again).

The original plan was to go with soft curls but I didn't have time for that either. So I went with my signature pompadour / faux hawk, and it was a hit. The best part is that it took less than 10 minutes!

4 things you need to create a pompadour

- Bobby Pins

- Hairspray

- Comb

- Hair tie

It may look complicated, but it's super easy.

First, divide your hair in two parts. Bring the top part forward, and hold the rest back with a hair tie.

Comb the front and bring it up as high as you would like, then gently bring it back and hold it down with a handful of bobby pins.


wedding guest hair

latina beauty blogger

I complete the hairstyle with a simple high bun using two hair ties. Then I add spray (lots of it) to hold the hair in place.

beauty blogger

faux hawk

 What's your favorite wedding guest hairstyle?

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