JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT SHE WAS GONE- NY is Back and Badder than Ever!

b5427ffd4a1853769baf6322d5504b84163.jpgNew York with her 20 Bachelors

VH1 had two successful seasons with Flavor of Love, but there are plenty of reasons to believe the show wouldn't have acquired as many ratings without Tiffany Patterson aka New York. From the infamous scene when she almost gave Pumpkin a concussion to her unexpected return in the Flavor of Love 2, New York kept viewers coming back for more. Starting this month, the 24-year-old starlet returns to VH1 with her own show I Love New York. Here's what the queen of drama had to say about the anticipated series.

Mercedes Sanchez: How did the show come about? New York: I Love New York was born when Flav left me at the altar for the second time and the producers were like 'Uh uh, this girl is too good for this. We gotta do something with her now.' I'm still having a heart attack because I can’t believe this is happening right now!!

MS: Were you freaking out when they offered you the show? NY: Oh my God! Yes, yes! But then I was like ‘I gotta think about this' and make sure I was out of love because I was really feeling Flav.

MS: How many men are competing for your love on the new series? NY: 20 guys from all over the country. They are the best of the best.

MS: Did any men physically fight over you? NY: Oh my God! When were those guys not fighting?! These guys are crazy. They’re very high maintenance. They’re worst than girls! We have our good moments when we get along great and then there are those TV moments when there’s total chaos.

MS: Your mom wasn’t very fond of Flavor Flav. How does she feel about I Love New York? Will we be seeing her on the show? NY: OH yes! My mom is a permanent fixer! She helps me make decisions throughout the entire show. She was happy to assist me with the guys.

MS: What did you do after the second season of Flavor Flav? NY: After he let me go it was really tough for me to get into the swing of things. I dated no other guy after Flav. I was working on my jewelry line and traveling- that’s my thing right now.

MS: How did you manage to rekindle your relationship with Flavor Flav after he broke your heart twice? NY: It wasn’t easy. It was really hard because at first I was like ‘I can’t believe he did me like this,’ but I picked up the pieces.

MS: How many fights would you say you’ve been in, in your life? NY: I’m not a fighter- am I? A lot of people don’t understand how I operate.

MS: What about the fight with Pumpkin? NY: Oh- when it comes to stuff like that, I just know when I’m right and I do what I have to.

MS: Where are you now? NY: I’m back in upstate New York. It feels good to be back with my family.

MS: What about Flavor Flav? Can we expect him to make a guest appearance? NY: Well, we are pretty good friends, but all I can say is to stay tuned because you might be surprised. Tune into the premiere of “I Love New York” January 8th @ 9 p.m. on VH1.

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