F-Bombs with a Side of Smooches at the Awards

By Camlyn V. Last night's MTV Movie Awards was one to remember. From its undeniably great red carpet fashion to surprising performances from faces that have been a little M.I.A. lately. From T.I.’s first television appearance since prison, to J.Lo’s dance-off with Tom Cruise as Les Grossman, the MTV Movie Awards was filled with great people and an amazing vibe. Of course, it wouldn’t be a party without the Jersey Shore cast and the on going Team Jacob/Team Edward rivalry. The MTV Movie Awards was full of many winners and would have never topped any other if it wasn’t for host Aziz Ansari’s funny personality, the amount of love spread throughout the night and the number of jaw dropping F-Bombs!

MTV’s own personal “Kiss Cam” owned the night: Whether it was guy on girl, guy on guy, or girl on girl, it was happening! From Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron, Russel Brand and Jonah Hill's insane PDA and even the beautiful Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johansson. We were definitely feeling the love at the awards last night and what other way to spread it than the heaping amounts of profanity! Was this the most “f--ks” on any MTV award show?!  It was humorous and extremely unexpected. Only MTV can pull off something like that.

Peter Facinelli from Twilight really impressed us. He delivered a phenomenal, may I say, and pardon my French, effing speech, making it the ultimate f-bomb drop off.

Speaking of Twilight, once again they have taken the night. Actors from the Twilight Saga even seem a little used to the award winning. What can we say? People of all ages love this werewolf, vampire, confused human love triangle.

The amazing ode to Sandra Bullock was one for the books! She is the FIRST FEMALE to receive the MTV Generation Award. Now we can see why I would be so excited about this: Hello, first FEMALE! She is a great representation for what women can do especially considering her circumstances with her divorce from Jesse James. She gave a wonderful acceptance speech, ending with a powerful stand on the animosity and foolishness the tabloids and paparazzi have exploited to the public.

Now, I don’t know what everyone else thought about Christina Aguilera’s performance, but this was a side of her personality I did not enjoy seeing. Her “bionic woman” act seem more like a Lady Gaga rip off and just a little too much. She showed us that she is still the "Dirrty" girl she was before with her sexual lyrics, just a little more classy with sparkle and shine. Not only did Xtina light up the stage with her crystal ensemble but she lit up her naughty bits with a flashing red heart. There is no doubt that Christina is an amazing singer and she has always pushed the envelope image wise, but was she being herself tonight? I mean she said it herself, "tonight I'm not the same girl."