All I Want is One Dance

images.jpeg I can't say I have all his albums and follow his career, but what I do know is that I respect him as an artist and admire his voice, moves and of course his looks. Since his "Sexy Back" single this past summer my interest in Justin Timberlake has grown stronger. Walking home on Prince Street the day after the MTV awards I noticed a big black Escalade parked outside of Cafe Habana which meant someone "important" had to be in the restaurant. As I looked to my left I noticed that it was no other than Justin himself having lunch with what looked like some of his dancers. I'm not one to approach any celebrities especially while they're dining, so I passed on my "opportunity". Now I could only look forward to another chance to meet the dancing genius. Perhaps I'll get my dance with JT this year- after all, he will be performing in Manhattan next month.

Justin Timberlake 2007 FutureSex/LoveShow. February 7, 2007. 8 p.m. Madison Square Garden. *ms