BeChicMag When the New York Post discontinued its Tempo section, I considered never picking up the paper again. But that would mean missing out on what the sassy girls from Pulse are writing about including Mandy Stadtmiller's "Cheat Sheet: How not to have a 'Fatal Attraction'." We don't condone cheating or marital affairs on BeChicMag.com, though it never gets old. Bill Clinton. Elliot Spitzer. Alex Rodriguez. David Letterman and the list goes on.... Mandy wrote the piece specifically about ESPN's Steve Phillips who cheated on his wife with a "crazy" 22-year-old. Stadtmiller calls it, "The Dummy's Guide to Cheating." And the golden rule of the manual? Mandy says, "Crazy chicks are (as in always) going to spill about the affair." For the other 10 rules, read the full cheat sheet here.