Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez on Bisexuality

ALISA VALDES-RODRIGUEZ TALKS TO BECHICMAG.COM Bisexual symbol After Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez posted a blog titled "Trust me, I'm bisexual" on her site, we reached out to the best-selling author who's best known for penning the Dirty Girls Social Club. Since we're based out of Manhattan and she's in New Mexico, we held our first ever interview via Skype! And we must say, it turned out pretty well. Our video conversation was even featured on what I like to call the "Gawker" of Latino media, gossip and pop culture.

The chick-lit novelist and mom spoke about finally admitting to herself and the rest of the world that she's bisexual, why Jennifer Lopez will not be part of the "Dirty Girls" TV series and her latest book The Husband Habit. Alisa shared plenty with us so we chose not to shorten the video. See our interactive interview in its entirety below.