Eva Mendes in Hitch Although the dating game changes as women age, there's one thing that never gets old like searching for the right one. After seeing Hitch for the first time a few weeks ago- I know I'm super late- Eva Mendes' character reminded me about a piece I wrote for the New York Post a few years ago on finding single men at a club or a bar. It can still relate to the single gals out there....

JOIN THE CLUB I never have a problem meeting guys at a bar, but picking up the right one can prove to be a "mission impossible."

I went out to two of the city's top nightclubs, PM and Stereo. I quickly learned that, oftentimes, men claiming to be single at a bar are anything but.

When I arrived at PM, I was ready to mingle all night long. The crowd was filled with twenty- and thirtysomethings from the outer boroughs. There was one particular group of boys who had that urban-preppy look I prefer. A blue-eyed Italian guy donning a spiffy sports jacket was zooming in on me when he saw Post photographer, Graham, waiting to shoot us.

When I mentioned I was working on a story for The Post, he aggressively requested that we leave him alone. When I asked his friends why he changed his mind about speaking to us, they confessed that he (along with most of them) had girlfriends- if their faces appeared in the paper, they would've all turned into dumpster material.

Out of all the single men we came across, only two were Latino, and I had the most fun dancing with one man named Carlos. dating eva mendes Doing the wedding ring check doesn't provide enough certainty these days- a guy could just slip it in his pocket. Unless you tell a man that his photo will be published in a major newspaper, I don't think there's any other legal way of finding out his relationship status. -Mercedes Sanchez