Airport ready!

On my way to Miami By Mercedes Sanchez

ya probaste esto hispanicize

This week has been super busy, and I hardly had time to pack for my trip to Miami for the Hispanicize event. Because I'm on a  time crunch I had to pack my bags an entire day before my actual flight. You see, I had to work from the office today and won't have time to pack before heading to the airport. Packing last night before tonight's flight was my only option.

I was worried about my clothes being in there for too long, but I'm glad I did laundry right before and used Downy Shimmer Unstopables. It allows for my clothes to get up to 12 weeks of freshness! I just toss the beads into the washer before starting the machine and it takes care of leaving my clothes feeling and smelling fresh.

downy unstopables

Now I'm just hoping I packed the right items for this event!

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