Guest Post: A night out with designer Ashley Tipton & Bandelettes

Contributing writer Cristal O. covers an event with plus-size designer Ashley Tipton and Bandelettes at the Lovage Rooftop in New York City.  bandelettes ashley tipton As I walked in, I was greeted and measured by founder Rena for a Bandelette, a thigh band that protects against inner thigh chafing. I actually tried the product for the first time back in December for Be Chic Mag. You can read my review here. 

There were many colors and textures to choose from, and I got some tips on the right way to wear the thigh band.


We also got a first look at a new piece that hasn't yet hit stores. I describe it as lace shorts that could be worn underneath any piece of clothing. 

Bandelettes also revealed they will be coming out with a panty line in June, and will be available on

ashley Tipton be chic mag bandelettes

I spoke to Ashley Tipton about her current projects and was pleased to find out that she partnered with JCPenney and has a plus size line with them. 

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