Falling for Hats

Fall is my favorite season and I can't wait to start wearing more booties and hats. Did you know that the top three favorite hat styles women love to wear are beanies, baseball caps and large brim floppy hats? tj maxx hatsA new survey from T.J. Maxx and Marshalls says that 55% of women wear hats to not only keep warm but also make a fashion statement. That sounds about right. But I'm also the type of girl who definitely wears a hat to stay warm in the winter. I cover up so much in the coldest months like January and February you won't even know it's me walking down the street.lower east side delancey I have to mention that I stepped out of my comfort zone by wearing this mega tight outfit. I walked towards Delancey Street in my native Lower East Side to take pictures with a sleeveless sweater.  I took it off to get more shots with this brown wool hat. I was worried about my gut popping out but I think I hid it well.

I stopped by H&M to get another pair of those super stretchy pants I told you about last week. And instead of the size 8, I bought this pair of black pants in a size 10.

wool hats

Lower East Side gray wool hat be chic mag

Style Blogger Mercedes Sanchezlower east side fashion

Wool Hat and Booties from T.J. Maxx be chic mag Hat and Booties: T.J. Maxx | Pants: H&M | Top: Kohl's

What about you? Do you wear hats in the fall? 

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