I'm not letting a little weight gain keep me from the water this summer

I started gaining weight about two years ago. And for the most part, I don't mind the extra pounds but it goes straight to my belly which gets people (strangers, old neighbors, and even colleagues) asking if I'm expecting - which I find extremely inappropriate for various reasons but I'll save that for another post. high waist bikini

So when friends invited us to a pool party I told my husband I wasn't sure if I was going. My old bathing suits barely fit and I wasn't in the mood for trying them on and getting upset. The morning of the party I decided to give SoHo a shot and came across a few pieces at H&M. I only had about 40 minutes to shop. 

bikini high waist

I grabbed a couple of sizes ranging from size 4 to 10 for both the top and bottom. From my prior posts you know that H&M isn't "true to size." I tried on the size 4 for the top and it wouldn't pass by arm. The size 10 was the best fit. And I love how the top looks. I never have cleavage since my boobs are super small but this top gives a nice illusion. 

bikini high waist

Here's a glimpse of my muffin top popping out of the high-waisted bikini bottoms. I originally tried a size 4, but the size 8 fit best. 

unicorn pool

H&M didn't disappoint. I also stopped by Zara in SoHo and they didn't have any swimsuits. I then rushed home to make it in time for the carpool! 

To think I almost said no because I was insecure of my body weight. My advice to anyone having a hard time deciding whether to go to that pool party or getting in the ocean, feel the fear and do it anyway! Find a bathing suit or beachwear that you feel comfortable with and go for it! 

And a reminder to be cautious of the personal questions you ask your friends, family and coworkers. Know your boundaries and mind your business :)