#BeChicTuesday Recap: Fierce, Comfort and Ageless

Love that you're all sending in your photos! We had a glitch a few weeks ago, but everyone can continue submitting their photos as an attachment on the comment area on our #BeChicTuesday page. I'm proud to celebrate our diverse readers as you all have different styles and come in different shades and sizes. Tanesha (pictured on the left) says, "Chic doesn't just refer to your clothing, it's a state of mind.  Anyone can be chic- at any size, wearing any brand of clothing.  If you exude confidence, no matter your pant size or walk of life, you're a chic chica in my book!  Here's my most recent chic moment, curves and all."

Here she's wearing a tuxedo blazer, a nautical top, ankle jeans, wedges and a Gucci clutch.

Submit your photo for next week here.

Many thanks to this week's participants: Brigida, Sujeiry, DT, Ellen, Cazares and Tanesha.

See what they have to say about being chic here and take a look at their photos:

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