Back in Brazil for Fashion Week!

Editor's Note:  I'm so happy to have been invited back to Brazil for a third time to cover fashion week. Because of prior engagements, I couldn't travel to South America this month so I sent contributing writer Jennifer! See her first post of the week below. - Mercedes  LaFort Summer 2014 Collection

By Jennifer Eberhart

la fort parana brazil

Olá from Brasil!  This week, BeChicMag is visiting the dynamic state of Parana to take in some international fashion at the Parana Business Collection.

BeChicMag is the only American blog covering the show, and in fact, seems to be the only blog invited from outside the country!  On the first day of shows, June 4, we were introduced to two starkly different collections: Lafort and Triton.

Lafort, a company based in Curitiba and known only on a local level, presented their Summer 2014 collection that was classy and feminine, with sleek lines and a few frills.  White, coral and fuschia dominated the color scheme, with a burst of orange.  Sherbert colors to cool a girl down in those hot Brazilian summer months.  Simple and sexy cutouts, along with blocks of color and metallic accessories, defined the Lafort collection.  These dresses were pieces that actually look wearable off the runway as well.

la fort parana business collection summer


la fort summer white

In comparison to Lafort, Triton is a national brand that has been around for years, yet this is its first time presenting at PBC.

Triton’s runway collection featured asymmetrical and loud tie-dyed pieces in contrast to Lafort’s calm outfits.  Triton’s men’s collection left the audience completely dumbfounded as men walked out with one pant leg up and one down, shredded jackets, and shirts with one side long and the other short-sleeved.  Suspenders attached to boxer shorts, bright green sequins on a vest, and thick gladiator-style sandals were some of the items on display.  The women’s collection wasn’t as oddly shaped, but left fashion lovers bored after seeing one-too-many psychedelic prints.  Bright yellow and orange pantsuits and neon green-colored American-flag jackets were part of this collection.

triton  brasil

If these two collections are any indication, we’re in for a great week here in Brazil and we’re looking forward to many more great and creative pieces of fashion art!

About the City

Curitiba, the city that is hosting the shows, is known for its diversity.  If you walk down any of the busy streets here, you’ll find Curitiba is a city of contrasts – paved roads connect to cobblestone streets; tall modern buildings sit comfortably next to historic churches and pastel houses; and small artisan shops live on the same street as international chains like Nike or McDonalds.

Curitiba can almost be equated with a mini-New York, or perhaps Boston would be a more appropriate comparison.  This Brazilian city has a busy city center but is nowhere near as populated as other metropolitan areas like Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro.  It provides a good mix of busy and calm, city and park, modern and historic.  That’s why Curitiba is a perfect place to host this Fashion Week.

While Brazil hosts many fashion events throughout the year, this is one of the smaller and calmer shows.  The Parana Business Collection has been around for many years and features a combination of both high fashion and business dress.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Parana Business Collection.


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