Sun, sun, sun! | Brazil Fashion Week

Designers All Purpose and Erre Nove por Thiago Paes


By Jennifer Eberhart

all purpose brazil Everything was bright and sunny not only outside but indoors as well on day two of the Paraná Business Collection here in Curitiba, Brazil. The last two shows we went to were for brands All Purpose and Erre Nove por Thiago Paes. Both designers dressed their models in vibrant colors and light materials, instantly reminding the audience (Brazil seasons are the opposite of the United States so they’re experiencing autumn right now) of those hot sunny days at the beach.

All Purpose, known for their jeanswear, showed plenty of leg this year with short shorts on the girls and at-the-knee shorts on the guys. Orange, pink, and yellow were the reigning colors tempered with neutral greens and grays. Jeanswear came in all different colors and washes and were often rolled at the bottoms. This All Purpose collection was one that we could definitely see being worn on the streets not only here in Brazil but in places like New York or Miami this summer.

This was an all-around great collection, with a little something for everyone. Light striped sweatshirts, airy tanks and tees, maxi skirts, and pretty simple dresses rounded out the womenswear and the men’s collection featured similarly comfy clothing like loose khaki shorts, striped hoodies, and bright t-shirts.


The accessories worn during the All Purpose show are also worth mentioning as they were noticeable on each model who strutted down the runway. Vibrantly-hued accessories like sunglasses, belts, earrings and baseball caps added just enough shine to an already stellar outfit.

Thiago Paes opened his show with an equally vibrant collection, and the audience was instantly transported to summertime when a bright red and yellow sun gleamed as the backdrop to the show. This show was completely packed with fashion-lovers who fell in love with Paes’s real Brazil theme.

Paraná Business Collection -Desfile Erre Nove 05-06-2013, fotos Mauro Frasson

Stripes are definitely in for summer 2014, and Thiago Paes emphasized this with just about every single item in his men’s collection. Brown stripes, blue stripes, orange stripes, up-and-down stripes and sideways stripes were all displayed on the runway. Despite the never-ending striped clothing, audience members never tired of seeing Paes’s designs and would have begged for more if they could have.

Beachwear was the main goal for this collection and men coolly walked the runway in cool white pants, striped bathing shorts, light tanks, and sexy yet casual button-downs. The sandals they wore were noticeably a bit too small for the models and a few shirt designs draped a bit too long in the back but otherwise, this collection was just as vibrant as All Purpose. Despite waiting for over an hour for the show to actually begin, the audience clapped and whistled enthusiastically at the end of the show, displaying their enthusiasm for, what our host Simone calls the clothing, a “very Rio” collection.

If you can’t make it down to sunny Brazil, check out the clothing from both of these designers and you’ll be dreaming of the beach in no time.

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