FASHION WEEK BEGUN LAST NIGHT FOR USDesigner Bob Bland was at two places at once! We were on Bowery at the Prince Peter show last night while fashion contributor Ayanna Dutton spoke with designer Bob Bland about her Brooklyn Royalty presentation:

In the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn Royalty presented its Spring 2010 collection at The Arsenal on Roebling Street. Gift bags in a black canvas with neon green writing on it were placed strategically on each chair, while the chairs were placed in an open square decorating the runway. A little after 8 p.m. there were no empty seats and the show began.

After the finale, designer Bob Bland took her much deserved bow as a beautiful bouquet of flowers was handed to her signaling the end of the show. The crowd gave her a wonderful applause after witnessing her line titled "A Perfect Union". A sense of relief, appreciation and excitement took over her face as her adoring audience came over all at once to congratulate her. The audience ranged from fellow designers to buyers. I waited in the VIP area as she finished talking to someone and made it over to where I stood. I was eager to find out the inspiration behind the wonderful pieces that were revealed. Here's what Bob had to say:

BeChicMag: How did you come up with the name of your line, Brooklyn Royalty? Bob Bland: I was inspired by my travels to Brooklyn. Although I am originally not a native, I was extremely impressed by everything that Brooklyn encompassed. The creativity and tenacity of Brooklynites inspired me. When I see Brooklyn, I see a certain kind of royalty hence the name.

BeChicMag: What was the inspiration behind this collection? BB: The collection is called A Perfect Union. I wanted to unify my years of experience in couture and my non experience of my street wear and create a collection that worked. Some of the pieces look high-end such as the corset and the detail on a dress or two while others are very down to earth and urban. It was a perfect fix.

BeChicMag: How long would you say it took for you to design this collection? BB: Well to be honest, it took me a month. I recently got married in June. I moved into The Arsenal in July, and I designed the collection in August. Typically, I like to take more time when designing so usually three months. Yet, this was a special project with everything being done by hand down to the very last detail.

BeChicMag: Where can people purchase these items? BB: In October we will be doing a re-launch of our Web site and our online store will be accessible. Items can also be purchased at two local shops here in Brooklyn, one in Philadelphia and one in California. The site has all the necessary information.

BeChicMag: What advice do you have for future up and coming designers? BB: Don't give up on your dream. Take some time to learn the industry and work in the industry before designing your own line. Once you design your own line, you are a designer and a business person. Gain as much knowledge as you can because it will go a long way.

To find out more about Bob Bland and to purchase items from a store near you, visit - Ayanna Dutton Follow Ayanna's blog here.