Camila Prado: 70s with a Tropical Twist

Q&A with Brazilian Designer Camila Prado By Mercedes Sanchez

camila prado

In Brazil, Camila Prado introduced us to a 70s inspired collection with a mix of tropical glam. Take a look at the photos and video below, but first here's a brief Q&A.

Mercedes: What woman did you have in mind when you were putting your collection together?

Camila: She's a modern woman from a big city that likes to work. She goes out in the evening wearing the same clothes from work but she glams it up by adding one key item over her outfit. I used lots of shiny fabric and cotton.

M: What three items should every woman have in her closet?

C: Good pair of pants (including jeans), a black dress and a leather jacket.

M: What does being chic mean to you?

C: Being chic is to construct your own style. Don't just copy what's in the magazines -- make it your own.

M: Describe Brazilian Fashion.

C: Colorful, fun and over the top.

Runway photos by Cristiano Sérgio:

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Watch video from the runway here: