Candela Fall 2012

Designer pays tribute to her Uruguayan roots By Mercedes Sanchez

candela fall 2012 fashion weekInstead of a runway show, designer Gabriela Perezutti of Candela showcased her Fall 2012 collection as a presentation in Lincoln Center during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

As soon as walked in, we saw models staring back at us from what appeared to be a mockup of her great-great-grandfather's ranch in Uruguay. They stood tall, each model with a different look ranging from faux-fur vests, silk chiffon dresses, sequin skirts, dresses with lace, over-sized wrap dresses, leather boots, cardigan sweaters and one of our favorites: velvet loafers. Gabriela used combined colors such as plum, dark blues and jungle green.

While some models wore their hair down, up or in braids, others made a statement with floral decorations.

"I always try to add natural elements to my presentation," said Perezutti. "Last year it was trees and now it's flowers. There's nothing more beautiful than nature. It's where I come from.

"The woman I design for is free spirited and natural. She knows how to dress up or dress down easily," said the designer.

Creating distinct looks within one collection seems challenging, but Gabriela succeeded in showcasing a variety of fabric and styles at once.

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