How to casually wear rose gold

How was your Super Bowl Weekend? I got home in time for the half time show. On Friday I finally stopped by the new Bowery Mural. The latest installation is called "Urban Mythology" by Pichi & Avo, two Spanish guys. I loved the pink hues popping out of the wall so I wore a rose gold bomber jacket for a matching color scheme.

rose gold bomber jacketrose gold bomber jacket by the Bowery Mural pink poker shirt be chic mag

Under the jacket I wore a pinkish, velvet choker shirt with beige/nude jeans. (With my weight gain, I find myself wearing loose fitting shirts to hide the gut. Another trick I have is to wear jeans a few sizes bigger to prevent the fat from popping out.)

rose gold bowery mural

These pants are from Marshalls, but I buy most of my "fatty jeans" in H&M and Uniqlo. Consider Uniqlo's "jogger pants." They're good for both work and play.

latina fashion blogger mercedes sanchez

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