Czar by Cesar Galindo Spring 2013

Cesar Galindo By Mercedes Sanchez

cesas galindo fashion weekWe met with Cesar Galindo at his showroom in the Garment District earlier in the week to get a sneak peek at his Czar by Cesar Galindo collection.

"The theme behind my collection is really a garden party," says Galindo. "A happy social gathering. There's a lot of color, shine, texture and layering." He used silk, natural linens, and polyester which he says has come along way from what it used to be when his parents were born.

Bright colors (though slightly muted down) was definitely the focus of Czar by Cesar Galindo Spring 2013.

"In the Latin culture, we're used to colors," says Galindo. "We're actually ahead of the curve but now people are wearing more colors and mixing it with prints even during this fall and winter."

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