By Arleny 225_-_clutch

Ladies, have you ever gone out to a lounge or nightclub with a fabulous clutch that you can only use on your nights out? Ever wish that your evening bag could also be used as an everyday purse? Celebrity designer and entrepreneur Emre Erturk made it happen!

Emre Erturk first started his line in 1999 launching the first ever luxury collection of airline pet carriers, since then his collection has expanded into women handbags and even men’s accessories.  His latest tote-clutch idea has never been done before. As a designer Emre creates bags that are both functional and versatile. His brilliant craftsmanship and artistic ability has made the impossible, possible.

He combines his knowledge of art and design to create standout styles adding that perfect touch of details to his tote-clutches.  With celebrity fans such as Kristin Cavalleri, Carmen Electra and Beyonce Knowles, I would love to get my hands on an EMRE! Check out the collection at . EMRE handbags are a must-know! Until next time, stay chic!