How to wear a white blazer with sneakers

A few days ago we had summer in October here in New York City. The weather hit 80 degrees and I had no idea what to wear.  (We JUST put our summer gear away). east village blogger mercedes sanchez Layering is always the answer when the weather fluctuates. I wore a sleeveless satin top under a white blazer which made walking in the heat much more tolerable. It gets a little tricky in the city because even when it's hot outside, everywhere else might be cold: your office, supermarket, subway, or bus. So I try to bring a light sweater or blazer whenever possible.

white blazer

Strappy sandals or wedges would have been appropriate but I didn't feel like taking them back out of the closet. Besides, by now you know that I tend to only wear heels to meetings or events. Otherwise, you'll see me in flats or sneakers.

liberty triple dot keds

I wore the outfit with these new Keds I got in the mail. They're the Liberty Triple Dot style, and they're on sale right now. Keds actually has many cool new fun and affordable styles for the fall.

keds liberty triple dot bechicmag

I can probably wear these sneakers with anything, including a costume. Halloween is in a few days. If you need a last DIY Halloween Look, learn how to create a Halloween Cat here.