How to fix a fashion emergency at work

DIY Fashion Solutions  By Mercedes Sanchez

experta en moda It's happened to all of us: a loose button or hem, or food in your teeth at the office.

We all know it's annoying and embarrassing, but there's no need to fret because some of the answers to your fashion emergency can be found right on your desk.

Telemundo 47 stopped by my home office to ask about these quick styling fix-its. Take a look at the Mujer de Hoy segment toward the bottom of the post.

Fashion Fix-Its

Double-Sided Tape: Celebrities use double-sided tape for everything! In the office it's a fast solution to holding a bra strap or necklace in place.

Stapler: If you have an oversized dress or blouse, I recommend you use a stapler for adjustment.

Post-Its: Perfect for blotting lipstick, cleaning under finger nail and even removing food from teeth before an important meeting.

Paper clips: They're tiny but strong and can hold an oversized belt, a loose button or a loose hem in place.

With some creativity and with the items on your desk, you can always look fabulous and super chic.

Watch the Spanish-language segment below: 

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Tell us, do you have any DIY fashion fix-its?