By Bijoux11135_344853155581_242359405581_9856703_1431649_n

You might be familiar with those black and yellow books; the ones that can teach you how to do just about anything. We're talking about the “For Dummies" series. If not long overdue already, there is finally one on fashion. And I, Bijoux, had the privilege of speaking with the Fashion for Dummies author Jill Martin.

Dressed in the most basic pieces, Jill made a pair of $85 fitted blue jeans, a crisp white crew neck tee, finished with black high boots from Payless look amazing. She said it's all about having a closet full of 10’s. Everything you own, you must absolutely love and feel great when wearing it. Being able to rate your closet as a 10, means having a wardrobe that alleviates clutter and makes room for more pieces. Concentrate on quality over quantity. See my on-camera interview with the fashion expert and Today Show correspondent below.