Before the Heatpocalypse struck New York City a few days ago, I was already applying sunscreen throughout my body but often forgot one particular area: my feet! And since they seem to always be exposed, my toes are now slightly darker than the rest of my body which looks a little funny. That's when I knew something had to be done. As much as I love my sandals and have a not-so-chic obsession with my year old FitFlops, I decided to get a pair of comfortable Converse sneakers. There are two things I don't necessarily like shopping for: jeans and sneakers. For me, finding the perfect fit and style is challenging. So I spent at least 30 minutes before deciding to go with these.

When I asked for a 6.5 after trying on a size 7 of the classic low version, the guy helping me responded with, "You've never had Converse sneakers, right?" How could he have possibly known that? This only made me more uncomfortable. "This style runs big." When he returned with the smaller size, I felt as if I was wearing clown shoes! Unfortunately, my legs are too thin to be rocking the low canvas.

So I went with the navy, skinny high tops that I actually wore today under my bootcut Levi jeans for comfort as I ran my morning errands. I have to admit since I almost never wear sneakers it was a little awkward at first, but it felt so good after a few minutes! -Mercedes

For tips on finding the perfect kicks for you, watch my interview with the owner of MySneakers App- the latest iPhone application: