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Hispanicize By Mercedes Sanchez

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Written for the 2012 conference

With just two weeks until Hispanicize, many are already asking what they should wear for the week-long conference.

While there is no formal dress code, it's imperative that you dress how you want to be perceived. The truth is you're not expected (nor encouraged) to wear a suit. And although jeans are not frowned upon, there are certain ways to look professional without looking too casual.

5 Basic Essentials for your Hispanicize Wardrobe:


Blazers are a key component to making a casual outfit appear more professional. You can pair them with jeans or over a spring dress.

While women can probably have a little more fun by wearing a blazer with some color (after all we are in Miami), blazers or sports jackets are also ideal for men.

Note: If not a blazer, still consider a cardigan or at least a chic sweater as the conference rooms may be cooler because of the air conditioning).

Denim jeans

Though this can be up for debate, jeans are acceptable. If you choose to go this route, I recommend a pair of dark denim pants (avoid light jeans).

Men too can get away with wearing a pair of dark denim pants. Consider pairing the jeans with a polished blazer. The more fitted the pants are on the men, the better  but stay away from skinny jeans.


Flats I've been to a few conferences, including Hispanicize in Los Angeles in 2011 where I spoke on the Fashion Blogging panel, and one thing I can confirm is that there will be lots of walking!

Walking from panel to panel, making a quick trip back to the hotel room when you realize you need more business cards or just making your way around will not be ideal in pumps.

Heels or wedges Chances are you will attend at least one party during Hispanicize. Bring one pair of dancing shoes.

Guys, that means you too. Don't forget to bring your suede or leather shoes.

Unless you have a physical condition, everyone should leave their sneakers for the gym.

Formal Wear Bring at least two formal outfits that you could wear to dinner or for dancing.

Black-tie attire is not necessary.

Whatever you choose to wear, it's most important to stay true to your personal style. Just remember to dress how you'd like to be perceived and how you want to represent your brand.

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FYI: Mercedes will be speaking on the Why Your Blog's Content Matters panel in Hispanicize on Thursday, April 12 at 10:30 a.m.