How to Channel Khaleesi's Style at a Black Tie Wedding

I attended a friend's wedding this weekend and got so many compliments on my hair. Instead of styling my hair at home, I booked an appointment for a successful blowout and braid a la Khaleesi or Dany Targaryen from Game of Thrones. khalessi hairstyle for wedding be chic mag

I'm not sure why I put extra effort this time around. Perhaps I thought other folks from college would be there.  Or maybe it was because he's a councilman and I knew there will be elected officials (including the Speaker of the New York City Council) and the dress code was black tie. Either way, it was fun getting dressed up.

Here's what I did:

The Hair

game of thrones braids wedding

About two weeks before the wedding I downloaded apps to beauty parlors like the Dry Bar and Dream Dry. I even signed up to Glam Squad, an in-home service for hair and makeup. I found the price for Glam Squad a little expensive so I hired my friend, Andy's Face Candy, to do my makeup.

I came across the style inspiration on the Glam Squad app but booked an appointment at the Dry Bar because they have an option that's literally called "blow out and braid" for only $55. I was hoping the braid would be a little thicker, but overall I was happy with the look.

The Dress 

game of thrones wedding style

As far as the gown, I so happened to find this Corundum Sapphire Gown by Badgley and Mischka at the Rent the Runway store on West 18th Street.

I had originally ordered a black and gold dress online at RTR, but it was tight and I was insecure about my midriff section. So the following day I exchanged the dress at their New York City store and tried eight more dresses. I was grateful to pull this blue formal gown from another dressing room at Rent the Runway. I loved the color, the length, the flow of the dress and yes - the fact that it hides my gut. (At a wedding I attended in November, two people asked me if I was expecting. I smiled and said that when I'm pregnant I'll be sure to let them know.)

It wasn't until I was dressed and ready to go that I realized I might have been slightly influenced by Dany Targaryen and Game of Thrones. Although on the show Khaleesi wears a light blue dress, I felt like the Mother of Dragons with my braid and cobalt blue gown.

What to Wear to a Black Tie Wedding 

colombian faja for wedding

For a black tie wedding men usually wear a tuxedo or a black suit. Women are encouraged to wear long dresses or formal gowns and leave the shorter cocktail dresses at home.

Our friend Jenn (pictured in the black dress) also got her black gown from Rent the Runway. She also told me about a Colombian faja she bought in Queens. More on the body shaper in an upcoming post. Erika (in the far right) bought her lavender lace gown from Macy's. latina fashion expert


Tell me: Do you have a go-to hairstyle for weddings? Straight? Updo? 

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