Black on Black: Lace and Leather for TV

When I first started doing television segments about 4 years ago, I would buy a new outfit for each appearance. That is no longer the case. For one, shopping takes too much time. I also don't want to spend a lot. So these days I've been shopping my own closet. latina fashion blogger

The week after the so-called blizzard in New York City, I had a live segment at Telemundo and wore a black, lace halter top with leather pants.  And speaking about being more frugal, I even did my own hair! (I think that's a first for TV- minus the time I went with a faux hawk and side ponytail).

I tried to create curls with a curling iron- but that didn't quite work out.


My upcoming segments are taking place in Los Angeles in late February, part of my national Be Chic Tour!

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