What to wear on Memorial Day

Summer Must-Haves By Mercedes Sanchez

memorial day fashion With Memorial Day just one week away, we want to make sure you have all your summer must-haves. Here are some items I recently spoke about on a live fashion segment in Telemundo 47's Acceso Total.

Before the unofficial start of summer, there are some key items everyone should have in her closet.

Take a look at some of my picks here...

Summer Whites

summer whitesI've said that white could be worn year round, but not everyone feels comfortable with that idea.

For the start of summer or Memorial Day, I suggest you purchase at least one white dress and a pair of white jeans.

Old Navy has a nice collection of comfortable dresses (see picture on the left). The pants here are available at T.J. Maxx for $59.99.




summer wedgesNo outfit is complete without the shoes, right? Wedges are not only in style this summer, but they're also comfortable. They can be worn with a pair of long pants, a summer dress or skirt.

Here are four great pairs-- each for under $30! Charming Charlie has a great collection which includes one with blue and white stripes. Old Navy has impressive options too. Here I am pointing to an orange-pink pair. During the segment, we also showcased a white pair with floral prints.

How many pair of wedges do you own?!

Summer Bags summer bagsA handbag that can go from day to night is ideal, just like this coral purse from T.J. Maxx. As you may have already noticed, I am obsessed with this color. I wore a similar hue to the Latin Billboards and can't get over it.

For a picnic lunch or a day at the park, use an oversized straw purse. And if you're looking for an American theme for the Fourth of July, consider a striped bag like the one here from Charming Charlie.

Bikinis 4th of july swimsuit While there are designer bathing suits you can splurge on, you don't have to spend designer prices on a fun bikini. Stores like Marshalls have bathing suits for less than $30. This summer, consider a fun bikini like the one pictured here from Old Navy.

Are you more of a bikini girl, or do you feel more comfortable in a bathing suit?


summer accessoriesAdd some personality to your outfit this summer with bright accessories-- especially if you're wearing a white summer dress or white jeans.

Nail polish is also a fun way to add life to your look. Consider going for fun tones like orange, neon pink or yellow and pastels. Nails Inc. and L'Oreal have a great collection for summer 2012.


Sun and skin protection

summer beauty I don't like to wear lots of makeup on a hot summer day; moreover, sunscreen. Instead, I look for a light moisturizer like Neutrogena's Oil-Free Moisture SPF 35. It's a lightweight, non-greasy lotion that protects against the sun's harmful rays. I recommend creams like this for everyday use. You can easily apply it under your makeup.

Many of us like to wear sleeveless tops during the summer so a good deodorant like the new Dove Clear Tone is essential. Did you know that approximately 32 Million women in the United States suffer from red and dark marks from shaving? Dove Clear Tone helps reduce those marks while also protecting your underarms from bad odor and sweat with 24 hour protection.

Get details on what I wore to Telemundo

Tell us, what are your summer must-haves?

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