MySneakers App

Whether you're into sneakers or not, MySneakers is a fun and informative application for everyone. Developed by Brooklyn native Louis W. Colon III, MySneakers became a hit app on the iPhone. "Sneakers is an individual thing. It's something we grew up doing, and it becomes a part of fashion. It's a part of style- a part of your individual taste," says Colon. "Some people just want a running shoe to be casual. Others want a Jordan shoe to be reminiscent of Michael Jordan. Some people just want a fashion shoe while others wear Van skate shoes."

Colon is more than just an aficionado; he's a professional expert unlike the many self-titled "sneaker heads" we come across on a daily basis. A few years ago he launched the magazine Kicksclusive and later opened a sneaker boutique in NoLita called Laces. Before launching MySneakers, he worked with the product development team at New Balance in Boston! -Mercedes

To find out how the MySneakers app works, watch our segment by clicking on the photo above.