What I wore to iHeart Radio concert thanks to JCPenney

Hi, everyone! Thanks so much for your comments on my Instagram stories last night. I'm glad you liked my look. I partnered with JCPenney to get me ready for the concert. Here's a detailed post on how I chose my dress and the talented folks behind my hair and makeup. navy blue dress jcpenney

Upon arriving at the JCPenney in Jersey City, I started looking for a comfortable but chic look for the concert. I brought my own suede navy blue booties and was prepared to wear something that didn't exactly "match." 

I picked up a couple of dresses with floral prints, a leopard print blazer, a short multicolored dress, and a knee-length navy blue dress with ruffles on the side. There were so many options which is a great problem to have. (By the way, don't mind my mix matched socks. My sisters make fun of me all the time for that.)

jcpenney blazer

navy blue dress

jcpenney dress

Which outfit do you like best? 

Navy blue is one of my favorite colors to wear. I also chose the longer dress because I thought it was the most flattering. 

After selecting my outfit, I headed to The Salon by Instyle Inside JCPenney. Hairstylists Hilda and Damaris gave me a quick hair trim (which I needed) and curled my hair. As usual, I asked for curl pins so the style could last.

the salon by instyle inside jcpenney

Then I headed to Sephora. I didn't realize that many JCPenney locations also provide hair and makeup. It's super convenient! I looked at the menu and overall the prices are doable and budget friendly. I was impressed.  Sephora jcpenney

sephora in jcpenney

Mercedes Sanchez in JCPenney jcpenney so worth it

Navy blue dress with suede boots jcpenney Sofia reyes

sofia reyes

Mercedes Sanchez at iHeart Radio with JCPenney sofia reyes

sofia reyes

I didn't know much about Sofia Reyes other than she's a young Mexican pop singer. My favorite song of the night was "How to love" which you can see on my vlog on this link or on the video up top. She also did a cover of Groove Theory's "Tell Me" which I LOVED! She really surprised me with that hit song from the 90s. 

navy blue dress

We ended the long but fabulous day at The Roxy Hotel for a late dinner. Thanks to everyone who helped create my look! 


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