Racking Up On Clearance

Clearance Sales, Summer Sales - Saving Money on Trendy Styles

By Camlyn Valdez




We know it's only August, but fall is right around the corner.

It's time to stock up for next summer or even your next vacation. This is a easy way to get ahead and save tons of money on styles that will always be in. The key is to think BASICS.





H&M -

This is the one store you can always count on for cute basics. Whether its long sleeves, short sleeves, tanks, or dresses - H&M has it. With the fall season coming up, it's good to stock up on these basics -- you can pair them with anything, there is an endless amount of mix-matching opportunities. The best thing about these basics is that they're super light and super comfortable.

H&M Tank

Your tanks, pair them with jeans and a denim jacket. Or, save them for your next vacation and  pair them with some shorts or a skirt.

$9.95 each.


Old Navy -

This is a go to store for tons of sales, tons of staples, and tons basics for everyone. Right now, there is a 20% off in stores and online nationwide. 


Old Navy Printed Short

old navy shorts on sale 

Old Navy Solid Short


Take a look at some solid color short shorts or printed shorts that will be in style. You can save these shorts for next summer, even through the fall - you can pair them with a light long sleeve and a jean jacket or a button up chambray shirt. Either way you go, you save money and still chic!

Prices start at $5.


Banana Republic -

This is more for our chic working lady on the go! Banana Republic has 30% off full priced styles, only online. Get on the site at the right time and there may be EXTRA percentage off. (Today, 8/1, there is an EXTRA 40% OFF) 

Banana Republic


Your basic dresses will last you a lifetime. You can wear them, save them, and mix and match them. They're perfect for work or play  because of the length, color, and style.



Forever 21 - 

Trendy, edgy, girly - here you can tune into every style personality, affordably! Items are already pretty low; however, with sumer almost ending, your favorite styles and staple pieces are even cheaper!

Forever 21 Faux Leather


Oversized anything is always super comfy, super airy, and super chic. You can pair these with shorts, a maxi skirt, jeans, anything.  Forever 21 has them in about very shade, color, and print. The faux leather sleeves and accents are trending right now, but who says you can't revive a summer/fall trend next year!

Starting at $9.80 We can't forget about accessories. You can find any affordable statement pieces that are perfect for any occasion or season at any of the stores listed above. Get them now and save money! If you rock your accessories with confidence and they'll never go out of style.

Share your favorite sale finds with us! 

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