Day 2: Fashion Week in Parana, Brazil

Ronaldo Silvestre Summer 2014 By Jennifer Eberhart

flower crown be chic mag parana business collectionIt’s day two of the Paraná Business Collection here in Curitiba, Brazil and we started it off with a bang.

The first designer today was Ronaldo Silvestre, who presented his 2014 collection entitled Lady & Lord Transversal.

A collection for both men and women, the clothing was both classic and modern, bright and muted, high fashion and high business all at the same time. Many of the items were pieces that could have been seen on the streets of New York, Paris, or London.

The womenswear featured flouncy skirts and slimming jumpsuits while the menswear featured loose pants and debonair jackets.

As the show continued, Silvestre surprised his audience with a twist, creating a jumpsuit for his men’s look and tailored jackets for the women.

 parana business collection be chic mag ronaldo

Gray, black, and blue dominated the color scheme at the beginning of the show, with stripes and chevrons on both the men and women. Later in the show, the clothing changed into brighter, more floral items, almost as if transporting the audience from one season to another, winter to summer in one quick walk down the runway. Both guys and gals wore garlands on their heads and Silvestre may have overdone himself in flowers.

Ronaldo Silvestre

Silvestre enjoys working with patchwork and often focuses on the sustainability of his works. The designer is a regular at Curitiba’s fashion shows, and his works seem to constantly present this idea that opposites attract – simple yet feminine charm combine with a tough and masculine feel. Jeanswear and cotton, glitter and plain color.

Even the accessories of the collection were fantastic. The women’s shoes were simple leather strappy heels that would make any girl look and feel as chic and confident as she actually is. And the men’s top hats were such great additions to the outfits, handsome and attractive.

Ronaldo Silvestre parana

This collection was perhaps not as Brazilian in feel as some of the other shows, and certainly did not attract as large an audience, but its appeal is in Silvestre’s sleek designs and his ability to contrast male and female qualities in his clothing.

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